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Keep Time & Money in Balance…

February 19, 2009


As we go through life there are certain necessities we must have to sustain ourselves.  Because our society(s) are based on the “exchange” concept, money becomes that which we exchange for whatever we need… to give to someone else providing a product or service either to the public in general… or to us specifically.

Over the past many months, our economy is becoming more and more out of balance with regard to money and time.  As a consequence, many people the world over are feeling the effects of that… being a loss of income, job, home, automobile, security and/or not the least of which is a “secure”, “well funded”,” let me live in my current lifestyle” retirement.

It is in my opinion that especially during these trying times, people must maintain their own balance with regard to time and money, since unfortunately, these kinds of situations tend to bring out the dishonesty in some people who want to capitalize on the misfortunes of others.  Be very aware of those you deal with… do your “due diligence” very thoroughly in these recessionary times.

People, companies, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers… basically everyone across the board are cutting back, in an effort to wait out the storm.  Hopefully the new stimulus package will instill a sense of hope to regain the balance needed for us all.

Here is to regaining the balance SOOOOOOON!

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Stay “tuned”

Jerry Braack

California  USA