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Barbershop around the world… part 2

January 8, 2009

Our barbershop is a hobby (to some it is a life-style, and to some it is a job/career opportunity).  Those who make it a career are lucky to be involved in something that brings so much joy to tens of thousands of people all around the world.

As mentioned in a previous post, there are 3 main organizations… the Barbershop Harmony Society for the men based here in the United States of America, and for the women, Sweet Adelines International, and Harmony Incorporated.

Some of the other organizations around the world include: Barbershop in Germany (BinG), British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS), Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers (LABBS), Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers (DABS), Ladies Association of Dutch Barbershop Singers (Holland Harmony), Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS), Southern Part of Africa Tonsorial Singers (SPATS), New Zealand Association of Barbershop Singers (NZABS), Australian Association of Men’s Barbershop Singers (AAMBS), and the Irish Association of Barbershop Singers (IABS)

Started in the US and spread around the world.  How great is that!

Stay “tuned”

Jerry Braack

California USA


Barbershop for Women as well…

December 6, 2008

There was later (1945) formed an organization to promote this art form for women called Sweet Adelines International (SAI). A second organization separated from Sweet Adelines International called Harmony, Inc. in 1959 over issues of race. Both the Barbershop Harmony Society and Sweet Adelines International have now adopted policies that include respectively all men and all women of all ages. Currently there are many programs to get young folks involved in this style of a cappella music to help insure the art form will endure and bring the joy of singing Barbershop music to many future generations.
Lots of people have heard a Barbershop Quartet at some point in their lives, but normally that would be the extent of exposure to the art form that most people experience. Most Americans have heard or seen The Music Man which in part features a barbershop quartet. There have been many famous Americans whose foundation in music was actually in the barbershop style of music… The Osmound Brothers are one example of that… and Dick Van Dyke is a strong supporter of this style of music.