Chorus Champions Down Through the Years…

Masters of Harmony -2008

Here are the current International Champions, The Masters of Harmony.  Listen to their championship performance at the 2008 International Competition in Nashville, Tennessee.

Here is a list the Barbershop Harmony Society’s international chorus champions by the year in which they won. Choruses are eligible to win any number of times but must sit out for two years after they win.  In a previous post some of the top repeating choruses were mentioned.  It is always a treat to hear the “best of the best” in whatever someone chooses to be a part of , no matter what that choice might be.

2008 — Masters of Harmony, 2007Westminster Chorus, 2006Vocal Majority, 2005Masters of Harmony, 2004Ambassadors of Harmony, 2003Vocal Majority, 2002Masters of Harmony, 2001New Tradition Chorus, 2000Vocal Majority

1999Masters of Harmony, 1998Alexandria Harmonizers, 1997Vocal Majority, 1996Masters of Harmony, 1995Alexandria Harmonizers, 1994Vocal Majority, 1993Masters of Harmony, 1992Southern Gateway Chorus, 1991Vocal Majority, 1990Masters of Harmony

1989Alexandria Harmonizers, 1988Vocal Majority, 1987West Towns Chorus, 1986Alexandria Harmonizers, 1985Vocal Majority, 1984Thoroughbreds, 1983Phoenicians, 1982Vocal Majority, 1981Thoroughbreds, 1980Dukes of Harmony

1979Vocal Majority, 1978Thoroughbreds, 1977Dukes of Harmony, 1976Phoenicians, 1975Vocal Majority, 1974Thoroughbreds, 1973Southern Gateway Chorus, 1972Phoenicians, 1971Chorus of the Chesapeake, 1970Dapper Dans of Harmony

1969Thoroughbreds, 1968Pekin Chorus, 1967Dapper Dans of Harmony, 1966Thoroughbreds, 1965Miamians, 1964Border Chorders, 1963Pekin Chorus, 1962Thoroughbreds, 1961Chorus of the Chesapeake, 1960Chordsmen

1959Pekin Chorus, 1958Dixie Cotton Boll Memphis, 1957Californians, 1956Ambassadors of Harmony, 1955Janesville Chorus, 1954Singing Capitol Chorus.

Thanks for reading and listening…

Stay “tuned”

Jerry Braack

California  USA


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One Response to “Chorus Champions Down Through the Years…”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Jerry .. it seems that the sitting out for two years .. is a good idea & gives other choruses a chance to achieve ..

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