Even Walt Disney Knew the Value of Harmony…

Dapper Dans - Sandman The Dapper Dans are some of the best entertainment in the world.

Yes even that phenominal man the entire world knows… Walt Disney knew the value of harmony, balance and excitement.  Couple all of that with some unbelieveable imagination, and you have Disneyland.

He built amazing, exciting and awe-inspiring theme parks all over the world.  Here is just one example that is focused on Barbrshop Harmony and the style of that music.  Give them a listen

Part of that vision with a unique instruments to accompany them called Deagan Organ Chimes.  This is one of the aspects that the Dapper Dans are known for.  The instrument truly do add to the presentation.

These men are a very special asset to the Barbershop style of music… some a cappella, and some accompanied, but no matter what you were always entertained!

Thanks for reading

Stay “tuned”

Jerry Braack

California  USA


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One Response to “Even Walt Disney Knew the Value of Harmony…”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Jerry .. I loved the Dapper Dans sounds .. & the fact they’ve been going so long, continuing the tradition; I found the site on the Deagan organ chimes really informative, as I’d never heard of them. Now I know a little …(very little!)

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