BHS Call to Action…


BHS Headquarters - NashvilleReprint from “livewire news from the Barbershop Harmony Society”

Letter from Your (BHS) Society President…

Gentlemen, your Society needs your help.  It is obvious that if we are going to survive as a Society and if barbershop harmony is to continue to enrich the lives of men all over the world, we must identify, confront, and solve – once and for all – the issues causing the membership decline that we are  experiencing.  As your president, I’m making this my first priority for 2009 and beyond. 

Our staff and Society committees are hard at work on this problem – and they’re making good progress toward an eventual solution.  But I want to see what we – you and I – can do to help them succeed even sooner.  To that end, I’m asking the Society Board to authorize the creation of a task force to create an overall membership growth strategy – a strategy against which every decision we make as members, as a board, as district and chapter leaders, as musicians, as volunteers, and as paid staff can be judged – a strategy against which every program can be assessed, every communication can be compared, every marketing effort can be examined.  The task force will examine the factors that are contributing to our decline (market conditions), assess the current state of our chapters and their product (what we’re selling), scrutinize our marketing efforts (how we’re selling it) and recommend what more we can do to turn our membership decline around. 

I know that we have over 27,000 committed, experienced, knowledgeable, creative, and smart barbershoppers out there- a few of whom should be involved in this process.  Should you?  Do you know of someone else who should?  If so, let me know who you – or they – are and tell me why you or they should be involved in this vital, transformational project.

I intend to have this task force hard at work by the end of February and receive their report before the end of the year.  So send me your ideas and your suggested task force members as soon as possible at

We are privileged to be members of the greatest fraternal musical organization in the history of the world – an experience that has enriched our lives immeasurably.  Let’s make sure that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will have that chance, too.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this.  If we work “together in harmony”, we are sure to succeed!

Bill Biffle

Stay “tuned”

Jerry Braack

California USA


One Response to “BHS Call to Action…”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Hi Jerry .. it looks like the call to action is up and running .. & it looks like the strength of leadership is intended this call should prevail. Good luck with your numbers .. Hilary

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