The Arrangements… The Music…

Writing and arranging music in the Barbershop style started out slowly since the original music was sung without paper-written music to reference who was singing what part and more specifically what note.  Over time the desire among the participants who sang the music wanted to reference written music, not only to have consistency in the songs being sung, but to be able to hand a song to someone who was unaware of Barbershop Harmony, which helped to encourage new people to become involved in the Barbershop Art Form.

Over the years and gaining momentum music writers and arrangers have written more and more songs in the barbershop style.  In addition to the arrangements, the performance of the music is gaining more and more sophistication, which serves to develop the style even more.  Those who are involved in singing the music are deeply appreciative of the efforts of the writers and arrangers, and the countless time, energy and wisdom they install in the music they have already created, and look forward to the challenges in the music forthcoming.


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3 Responses to “The Arrangements… The Music…”

  1. Giovanna Garcia Says:

    Barbershop music always have a wholesome kind of fun to it. Which I love. I have a friend who was in a Barbershop group years ago, and he always tell me how many fun it was.

    I enjoyed reading this post. Thank You,
    Giovanna Garcia

  2. liz garnett Says:

    Hi Jerry,
    Your narrative gives a good history of barbershop arranging since the start of the Barbershop Harmony Society – which started off as largely a woodshedders organisation. But don’t forget that back at the turn of teh 20th century when barbershop was new, they used to publish songs in quartet versions as well as solo-plus-piano versions. Mind you, those arrangements tend to be quite harmonically simple – and don’t have many of the really wild chords that ear singers took (and take) delight in.


  3. barbershopjerry Says:

    Thanks for the comment Liz, that is great insight… jerry

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